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Infused Sea Salt Taste Test Bundle

Our taste-test bundle is here. Come try out your favorite flavor!

Limited time available. Currently offered with free shipping to Ireland.


We infuse our sea salt seasoning with fresh ingredients through a special process. 

This spreads and preserves the infused flavors through the hole seasoning.

The result is a great taste!


With this sample taste test bundle, you can find out for yourself.

Get all three of our seasonings:

  • Rosemary, Thyme & Sage - Sea Salt Seasoning
  • Chilli and Ginger - Sea Salt Seasoning

       Mild, Spicy or Hot

  • Lemon & Dill - Sea Salt Seasoning


So if you are thinking Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Asian, hearty, or fresh here is something for any occasion!

A great addition for anyone who likes food!


Pick your spice level and of you go.

Infused Sea Salt Taste Test Bundle

9,99 €Preis
  • One pouch of seasoning contains 45g.

    Our products do not contain any preservatives, meats, dairy, fish, nuts, gluten, or celery.

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    Enjoy :)

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